Model T Automotive Heritage Complex
The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant was built in 1904.  It was the first building to be built and owned by the Ford Motor Company.  While in operation, this plant produced Model B, C, F, K, N, R, S, and T automobiles.  The Model T, believed to be the most important car in history, was both conceived and first built at this plant. The application of using the moving assembly line to manufacture automobiles is also believed to have conceived here.  While here at Piquette, Ford became the largest American manufacturer of automobiles, building over 100 cars per day and employing over 300 people.  With the success of the Model T, Ford soon outgrew the plant in 1910.

411 Piquette Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, USA   

The Model T Automotive Heritage Complex, located at the corner of Piquette and Beaubien Avenues, Detroit, Michigan USA.


The front view of the T-Plex from Piquette Avenue.


The long and narrow 3 story plant is approximately 60,000 square feet of brick and wood, measuring 56 x 402 feet.


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